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My friends just launched the LEGO of backpacks on Kickstarter, and it’s awesome. 
Finally, the modular bag I have been waiting for.  
Shameless plug. My friend just laughed the coolest project on Kickstarter ever. 
If Swatch watch and Lego had a baby, and it was a backpack. 
Coolest bag ever, IF you can even call it a bag. Check it out. 
Organization enthusiasts rejoice, cause this is the bag for you! 
Now you can design your own backpack with Bloqbag. 
One of those ideas I wish I thought of, or had the patience to execute. 
Finally a Kickstarter I am backing! It’s a modular backpack and messenger bag. 
Finally the commuter and travel bag Have been waiting for! 
The 100 in 1 bag. It becomes whatever you want it to be. 
So, then my friend invented THIS!
Help me make this Kickstarter project real! 
I just backed the ultimate commuter bag. 
Is one bag for commuting, weekends and travel? With Bloqbag it is! 
I just backed the perfect bag for commuting, weekends and travel. Help me get it funded!