A bag designed for wherever modern life takes you.

Our daily demands change on a dime. In our increasingly mobile lives, having the right stuff at the right moment is essential. Bloqbag’s mission is to help you do just that, with bags that combine function and style.

The Bloqbag Promise

Innovative Features

We believe form follows function. So we’ll continue to innovate our packs, pockets, and products that simplify organizing, moving, and storing your gear.

Fresh Looks

Bloqbag is built for personalization — not just in function, but in style. We’ll offer new colors and fabrics to help you express your aesthetic from day to day and season to season.

Open Collaboration

Think of Bloqbag’s modular system as a platform for creativity. If you’re a maker, hacker, or designer, hit us up for specs — and let’s make something cool together!

End-to-end Integrity

Bloqbag is responsibly sourced, built to last, and union made in USA. Our modular design encourages reuse and reinvention, so you don’t need to buy as many bags – or send as many to the landfill.

Contact us

We want to hear from you! For product, press, and business inquiries, email bloqbag@gmail.com